About me

photo credit to TedG

I was born in Thailand and grew up in the small village located in Northeast of Thailand. I came from a farmer family, started working since I was nine.

I am very passionate, like to explore new things, meeting new people. I moved to England years ago to follow my dream. I have started my life with a small family, have a beautiful son, small family but I am full of love. I have met a lot of wonderful people friends.

I have started to think and dream bigger when my family has broken in to two parts of life for my son, fight for living and bring him up to be a person that he would want to be and this will be continuing for a long time.

I have never thought my life would come this far, began from a person who wasn’t confident, could not speak much English, did not have much of social life but I have turned it around because the situation forced me to be strong, stand for myself and do what made me happy. I found myself and very happy with my life. I have a rewarding job which love doing as well as I love modelling. I balance life my life with those two jobs, myself, my family and friends. I don’t forget my love life but It will be for future chapters…haha šŸ˜‰

I hope you enjoy my blog and know a little more about me. Thank you for your support.