The Changeling

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If you do not scare to start, you are beginning to success. by Tisha Summers

It has taken me so long to come back and write again. Life is so unpredictable, always something to keep us distracted. After my last story about my first flight, I am going continue and tell you how I ended up in the UK.

Chapter 1. In 2001, After my first adventure where I travelled abroad on my own for the first time I was back in Thailand. I looked for new job and continued living in Ayutthaya (Where I was studying)). I was lucky that I knew a lot of people while I was a student including the Tourist Police. They gave me a job as tourist officer where I helped tourists with any complaints and information about tourist attractions around the area.

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The job itself was fun as I had to go visit places and stand by to help with any enquiries from Tourist each day. It made me feel valued and most importantly I was able to practice my languages. I worked there for a couple of years and then found a new job in offices at Japanese Company called Hitachi Thailand. I worked as sale coordinator and worked 5-6 days every week from 8am -8pm. This meant I did not have enough time to actually find anyone, which was sad.

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This is when my life has changed. I had loved, lost before that but this time was the time that my journey had began. In 2006 I was set up on an online dating site by my friend who cared a lot about me. I met the love of my life (at that time) and he was from the UK, which started with just from one email. With the help from my friend, we started to make contact. We then planned to meet up, I visited London and he visited me a couple of times. After a while, things went really well, I made a big decision and left my best job and I decided to get married, relocated to the UK permanently to live with my family in 2007.

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I have a beautiful son who is my world. I had my dream family at the time. Unfortunately, luck is not always with you, my little dream family broke down and I had to continued living without it but I am lucky I still have my beautiful son who is everything for me.

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I started to live and raise my son on my own with help from his dad on weekend. Luckily, while I was living with my ex, I had to do lots of thing by myself as he was busy working, could only support on limited situations, plus I grew up doing everything in my family anyway. For that reason, living on my own was not such a big problem but it did get me down some days as it was hard sometimes.

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I got my first Flat (for renting) and first job in the UK as a carer, helped with elderly people with illness or just physical problem in their own home, I also worked as a cleaner alongside with that. I was working 7 days a week, plus being full time mother, I enjoyed it but it was hard tried to fit everything in together. I was lucky that I met nice people, good friends and started to enjoy my social life. I got to know people who genuinely nice and valued me.

Whilst I was on this part of the adventured in my life, I changed jobs a few times because I wanted to be more and have a better life. I took some study courses like English, Maths and took training course to get qualifications so that I could move myself to something better. I also had to keep moving places every 2 years, just bad luck as rental agreements got ended with different reasons but I never let that stop me from being strong. Someone broke into my flat, took all my money and some of my valuable stuff which I worked hard for it. That got my down to my lowest point as I was so sad and never understood why some people robbed others rather than working for it.

After a week being down and sad, I got back out and thought to myself I still got two hands, two legs and brain I will build it back again. From that moment, every time I feel down I always tell myself not to give up. I moved to new place, got new job as a receptionist and it was my first proper job I would say (as I was working in different area such as carer, cleaner, chef, worked in cafe) This job was in retail business which for people like us who came from abroad, it isn’t that easy to get into.

I was working in retail for more than two years, while I tried to fulfil one of my dreams too which was working in Heathrow Airport. That dream came true and I left retail and started to work as customer service and information in Heathrow Airport. It felt wonderful and special being in the airport even if you don’t have to travel, I loved it. Unfortunately, the dream is not always as good, beside good there was some bad. I could not afford to continue working there because of travelling issues and not enough earning. What Did I DO next? Where do I work now? How did I get to modelling field? I will come back the next chapter……… 🙂

Thank you for reading and please keep following my story. It is nothing special but hope it tells you if we don’t give up, we will get where we want one day slowly but worth it.

Thank you for reading and see you next time. 🙂 Feel free to like and leave me comments!!


My first flight

Suddenly you know time to start something new and trust the magic of beginning

I am back here again. It took me a while to get back to my writing because of non stop in life and could not find motivation. Suddenly, today I am motivated by someone who I don’t know how to describe.

After my last chapter which I graduated from college, worked in several company and now time for me to move further. As I was a little girl, I always had a little dream that one day I would lived somewhere in the world but not Thailand. It was like my dream come true when received an invitation to fly to France.

I remembered during that time my life was not in the best place. I was only early 20 but I felt like I did not want to live anymore. There was unpleasant life experience that got me down sadly and I have never thought that I could get pass that but I did. If I write about what happen it will be the whole book 🙂 I do believe we all have secret that we do not wish to tell, so I choose to keep this secret to myself, may be one day I will tell someone special. 🙂

The year that change my life was the year that all of us in the whole world remember 9 11. I flew to France with Gulf Air. It was my first time flying and going abroad. I remember the whole flight full of foreigners and my English was really limited, only 2 Thai people in the whole flight. I was so happy that I thought I found friend but his mislead behaviour did not help. I asked cabin crew to change the seat for me to keep myself away from him and the whole time on that flight I did not talk to anyone because I was scared. Luckily, he was not in the same flight until we arrive Paris Airport.

I don’t think anyone would fly without having money for secure the journey but I did. At that time I only had 800 Baht which exchanged to French money I only got 50 franc (just before they change to Euro). I arrived at Paris Airport, could not find the person who would pick me up. I was panicking and did not know what to do, nobody spoke English to me at that time. I decided to go to the shop in the Airport, tried to exchange my 800 baht to 50 franc and bought telephone card which I did not know how to use it. I got even more panic as I tried to find someone to help but nobody would. I went to telephone box and stood there looking lost for a while suddenly I found angel (as he was kind and only person who rescued me). I asked if he speak English, he said Yes, my heart smiled again with hope instead of tears. He told me how to use telephone card but I could not understand, so he decided to do it for me and spoke to my friend (who I respect as my sister) on the phone and she translated in Thai for me what was going on and what would happen next. We decided to go reception to announce the name of person who suppose to pick me up, suddenly on our way to reception that person turned up and I was crying like a little girl, not sure I was happy or what but I got home safely after all chaos journey.

I stayed in France for 3 months and while I was there I enjoyed learning French, food and wine which was my first time too. My adventure has began since then.

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while I was in France for 3 months

This journey did not stop me from flying again. It was actually teach me a lot in life, being strong, being confident, solving problem by myself and facing a really scary situation, not just that in other country where 5000 miles away from home.

Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoy and my story inspire you as much as it’s inspire me.

Never A Failure, Always A Lesson!!!!! Thank you!!! xx

Time for adventures

It doesn’t matter where you are, you are nowhere compared to where you can go ……

No matter how much I loved simple life I had in my village but as human being, there were something more at the time that most of us want to explore and learn. I left my village after I finished my high school to go to a big city where I found everything I ever had. I decided not to study higher as I wanted to earn money and be able to help my family who I left behind. I went to work in the manufacturing where I had to work six days week on shift pattern. I enjoyed it and really proud of myself that I could earn money that I ever had before from my own hands. It was hard but worth it and never thought I would ever left there.

One morning when I began to think. I was in the company coach on the way home in the morning after I finished my night shift. I looked out window and saw some students walking along on the side road. All the sudden I was thinking “what am I doing here, why am I not the one who walking along with them wearing smart student’s uniform like that”. At that moment, the moment that changed my life forever, I decided I wanted to study. I went back to village on company holiday and told my parents I wanted to go to college and they agreed but wanted me to go back somewhere near them. As I am quite adventure and independent person, I refused to go back and studied in the same town where I was working.

I enrolled and took exam, I passed, got into the subject that I chose which was BA.

It was whole 4 years in the college, wasn’t easy because my parents could not support me while I was there. The first year was hardest because I could not apply for support from government but I did for the last three years plus I found part time jobs (more than 2 part time jobs I did) to work through rough four years of college. Not anytime I didn’t work in those years. It was hard as some day I didn’t have any penny (Baht) but I met the best friends and we are still friends until now. We helped each other to get through tough time and all paid off and worth it. I could easily say the best time of my life was college 🙂

Education is such a big different in Thailand. To get the best job you have to be in the best university or college. If you don’t have high education it will be limited work for you. My college was not the best but it gave me better opportunity and found better job than many of them from somewhere around my home town area. I had the best four years in college and best forever friends who will always there for me wheni needed. I had several jobs after my college just before I relocated to the UK. How did I end up here, to be continued.

I’m sorry for my imperfection English but it’s all from my heart ❤

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy my diary, just the way I memorised my life, so when I get old and cannot remember anything, maybe my young generations will find it and read about me. Good way to tell story in my opinion 🙂

Rice farm

If it doesn’t add to your life, it doesn’t belong to your life : Anonymous

I wake up in the morning feeling the breeze of nature, smell of fresh air, hearing dogs bark, roosters crow and birds sing a song. Everyone starts getting ready for the day, food ready for the monks in the morning, children ready for school and time to head to the farm. Everyday routine is pretty much the same, but nobody complain as this is part of their life.

This is my parent’s rice farm where I took this picture when I went back to visit a year ago. I love being there, seeing the green and nature, hearing the wind blow and I could sit there listening to that for hours. I feel relax and peaceful, bad internet signal, no social media but quietness and calm.

Do you know how long it takes to produce rice? It takes more than half a year. First of all we have to drop seeds and wait for a couple of months to grow to feet tall and green, then pluck them and cut the tips off, then they are ready to plant as you may see in the photo. Then we wait around 3 or 4 months for the rice to be ready to gather. We mostly harvest the rice for our own consumption, however, some farmers sell it for commercial purposes but we have to make sure our own need come first and enough to supply until the next season.

This was where I spent my childhood life, at the farm on weekend, school in the week, but did not always work, we did have some entertainment in village every now and then. I remember the first black and white TV in the village and we had to pay to watch in the evening, and we did not have electricity until I was 13. We never used washing machines, we did not have electric or steam iron but we used charcoals, we slept on the wooden floor with a very thin matts with a hard small pillows no mattresses and I rode a bike 18 kilometres each day to secondary school. All of these things help me appreciate life I have now. I would never want to change a thing and always teach my son to appreciate what he has got and how lucky he is compare to me.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy it. Please give it a like or comment if you like my story. I wrote this from my heart in my own limited English knowledge (with my 11 years old son being my editor). I apologise if some grammar isn’t correct. Khob Khun Kha (Thank you) Next chapter to be continued…

the road to village: Me and my little boy in 2012

The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


More than 40 years ago before I was born and grew up. It might be a small village in the middle of nowhere but this was like paradise to me. I love the nature and so lay back living life here. I could go and run around everywhere without having to worry about anything because everyone knows each other and they will look after you. I have left my paradise when I finished my high school to study higher level. No matter how much I love my village but there was not enough things to do or earn as human being we all need to live. So, I decided to leave there and explored my life since then, and still continuing. I go back to visit and love spending my time here even everything has changed so much at the present but some part of cultures are remain the same that is what I love.

มากกว่า40ปีที่แล้วก้อนที่ดืฉันจะลิมตาดูโลกใบนี้ ต้องขอบคุณพี่สาวต่างบิดามารดาที่ยังเก็บภาพนี้ไว้ ที่นี้อาจจะเป็นแค่หมู่บ้านเล็กๆที่ตั้งอยู่กลางป่าเขาที่ห่างไกลจากความเจริญแต่มันก็เป็นเหมือนสวรรค์เล็กๆของพวกเรา ดิฉันก็เป็นคนหนึ่งที่รักที่นี่เพราะเป็นวิถีชึวิตที่เรียบง่ายและรักความเป็นธรรมชาติ ตอนเด็กจะวิ่งไปไหนก็ได้ไม่ต้องกลัวหรือกังวลอะไรเพราะทุกคนในหมู่บ้านรู้จักกันทุกคน

แต่วันนั้นวันที่ต้องจากสวรรค์เล็กๆก็มาถึงหลังจากที่เรียนจบการศึกษาชั้นมัธยมต้นและปลายเพื่อไปศึกษาต่อชั้นระดับสูงขึ้น ไม่ว่าเราจะรักหมู้บ้านของเราแค่ไหนแต่ที่นี้ก็ยังไม่มีอะไรทำมากพอที่จะสร้างรายได้เพื่อเลี้ยงตัวเองและครอบครัวเพราะทุกคนต้องดิ้นรนเพื่อความอยู่รอด ดิฉันตัดสินใจเดินออกจากที่นี่เพื่อแสวงหาสิ่งใหม่ๆถึงตอนนี่ก็ยังดิ้นรนต่อไป


ขอบคุณที่อ่านนะคะ อย่าลืมติดตามครั้งต่อไปด้วยนะคะ 🙂

Thank you reading this and hope you enjoy it. I am sorry if my English isn’t perfect.😊