Time for adventures

It doesn’t matter where you are, you are nowhere compared to where you can go ……

No matter how much I loved simple life I had in my village but as human being, there were something more at the time that most of us want to explore and learn. I left my village after I finished my high school to go to a big city where I found everything I ever had. I decided not to study higher as I wanted to earn money and be able to help my family who I left behind. I went to work in the manufacturing where I had to work six days week on shift pattern. I enjoyed it and really proud of myself that I could earn money that I ever had before from my own hands. It was hard but worth it and never thought I would ever left there.

One morning when I began to think. I was in the company coach on the way home in the morning after I finished my night shift. I looked out window and saw some students walking along on the side road. All the sudden I was thinking “what am I doing here, why am I not the one who walking along with them wearing smart student’s uniform like that”. At that moment, the moment that changed my life forever, I decided I wanted to study. I went back to village on company holiday and told my parents I wanted to go to college and they agreed but wanted me to go back somewhere near them. As I am quite adventure and independent person, I refused to go back and studied in the same town where I was working.

I enrolled and took exam, I passed, got into the subject that I chose which was BA.

It was whole 4 years in the college, wasn’t easy because my parents could not support me while I was there. The first year was hardest because I could not apply for support from government but I did for the last three years plus I found part time jobs (more than 2 part time jobs I did) to work through rough four years of college. Not anytime I didn’t work in those years. It was hard as some day I didn’t have any penny (Baht) but I met the best friends and we are still friends until now. We helped each other to get through tough time and all paid off and worth it. I could easily say the best time of my life was college 🙂

Education is such a big different in Thailand. To get the best job you have to be in the best university or college. If you don’t have high education it will be limited work for you. My college was not the best but it gave me better opportunity and found better job than many of them from somewhere around my home town area. I had the best four years in college and best forever friends who will always there for me wheni needed. I had several jobs after my college just before I relocated to the UK. How did I end up here, to be continued.

I’m sorry for my imperfection English but it’s all from my heart ❤

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy my diary, just the way I memorised my life, so when I get old and cannot remember anything, maybe my young generations will find it and read about me. Good way to tell story in my opinion 🙂


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