My first flight

Suddenly you know time to start something new and trust the magic of beginning

I am back here again. It took me a while to get back to my writing because of non stop in life and could not find motivation. Suddenly, today I am motivated by someone who I don’t know how to describe.

After my last chapter which I graduated from college, worked in several company and now time for me to move further. As I was a little girl, I always had a little dream that one day I would lived somewhere in the world but not Thailand. It was like my dream come true when received an invitation to fly to France.

I remembered during that time my life was not in the best place. I was only early 20 but I felt like I did not want to live anymore. There was unpleasant life experience that got me down sadly and I have never thought that I could get pass that but I did. If I write about what happen it will be the whole book 🙂 I do believe we all have secret that we do not wish to tell, so I choose to keep this secret to myself, may be one day I will tell someone special. 🙂

The year that change my life was the year that all of us in the whole world remember 9 11. I flew to France with Gulf Air. It was my first time flying and going abroad. I remember the whole flight full of foreigners and my English was really limited, only 2 Thai people in the whole flight. I was so happy that I thought I found friend but his mislead behaviour did not help. I asked cabin crew to change the seat for me to keep myself away from him and the whole time on that flight I did not talk to anyone because I was scared. Luckily, he was not in the same flight until we arrive Paris Airport.

I don’t think anyone would fly without having money for secure the journey but I did. At that time I only had 800 Baht which exchanged to French money I only got 50 franc (just before they change to Euro). I arrived at Paris Airport, could not find the person who would pick me up. I was panicking and did not know what to do, nobody spoke English to me at that time. I decided to go to the shop in the Airport, tried to exchange my 800 baht to 50 franc and bought telephone card which I did not know how to use it. I got even more panic as I tried to find someone to help but nobody would. I went to telephone box and stood there looking lost for a while suddenly I found angel (as he was kind and only person who rescued me). I asked if he speak English, he said Yes, my heart smiled again with hope instead of tears. He told me how to use telephone card but I could not understand, so he decided to do it for me and spoke to my friend (who I respect as my sister) on the phone and she translated in Thai for me what was going on and what would happen next. We decided to go reception to announce the name of person who suppose to pick me up, suddenly on our way to reception that person turned up and I was crying like a little girl, not sure I was happy or what but I got home safely after all chaos journey.

I stayed in France for 3 months and while I was there I enjoyed learning French, food and wine which was my first time too. My adventure has began since then.

Image may contain: Tisha Summers, smiling, sky, outdoor and water
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while I was in France for 3 months

This journey did not stop me from flying again. It was actually teach me a lot in life, being strong, being confident, solving problem by myself and facing a really scary situation, not just that in other country where 5000 miles away from home.

Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoy and my story inspire you as much as it’s inspire me.

Never A Failure, Always A Lesson!!!!! Thank you!!! xx


2 thoughts on “My first flight

  1. Really interesting to read. It was incredibly brave of you to go so far away on your own, especially with both the limited money and language difficulties. I’m glad it worked out. I can’t wait to read more 🙂

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